Primrose Park

A 72 home social housing project in Plymouth, the largest residential Passivhaus development in the UK when certified. This project is just off Bodmin Road and includes some fantastic new homes for the housing association.

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 5300m²

Contractor: Mi-Space

White Rose Lane

An ambitious timber framed Passivhaus, standing proud in the Surrey countryside. Passivhaus design by Enhabit.

Client: private client

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 460m²

Architect: Eco House International



One of the first UK buildings to meet Passivhaus Plus, this detached house also satisfies the exacting Chiltern’s Design Guide for this green belt setting, whilst achieving an incredible 0.07 ach@50Pa airtightness.

Client: private client

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 235m²

Architect: Passivhaus Homes

Contractor: Jigsaw Design and Construction Ltd

Gloucester Place Mews

A characterful mews house located in the Portman Estate Conservation Area, and the first Grade II Listed building to be retrofitted to EnerPHit standard.

Client: The Portman Estate

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 121m²

Architect: Feilden + Mawson

Contractor: Richardsons (Nyewood) Ltd

Hall Park Hill

An excellent EnerPHit upgrade in Passivhaus hot spot Berkhamstead. External insulated render done well. Notice how the insulation goes below ground level to reduce cold bridging.

Client: Phil Bailey

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 205m²

Contractor: Apply Design and Build

Ostro Passivhaus

A new home gorgeously clad in local larch timber by PaperIgloo Architects.

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 170m²

Architect: PaperIgloo

Contractor: PaperIgloo

Carrstone House

Our first certified Passivhaus Plus project. A roof full of PV panels used as the finish with carefully positioned glass infill panels.

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 221m²

Contractor: MBC Timber frame

Dunstan Grove

A terrace of 8 houses in Penge for L&Q Housing.

Client: L&Q Housing

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 819m²

Architect: Traer Clark

Contractor: Quadrant

St. Barnabas Street

A terrace of four houses in Pimlico, two renovated to EnerPHit.

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 72m²

Architect: GRA Architecture & Sturgis

Contractor: Grangewood

Rainham Passive Close

51 homes in Rainham, Essex. Completed in March 2015, it was the largest UK residential Passivhaus development at the time.

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 5000m²

Contractor: Climate Energy Homes

Passmore Street

Two terrace houses on the same street renovated to EnerPHit in Mayfair. You have to look very carefully to spot the Passivhaus.

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 66m²

Contractor: Grangewood

Standings Court

12 houses in a new build development in Horsham, West Sussex

Client: Saxon Weald Housing Association

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 1100m²

Architect: MH Architects

Contractor: Osborne

Old Byres

A barn retrofit in East Sussex, certified to EnerPHit via the component route

Client: Private Client

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 169.2m²


Contractor: Langtorr Ltd.

Oaks View

There's a fantastic view from those windows, honest. A new home in Berkhamsted built using an offsite timber frame system.

Client: Private homeowner

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 110m²

Architect: Passivhaus Homes

Contractor: MBC Timber frame

St. Andrews Road

A single home used for multiple occupancy in Exmouth converted for low bills and maximum comfort.

Client: East Devon District Council

Stage: Certified

Floor area: 171m²

Architect: Construction design by Warm

Contractor: -