Passivhaus Certification

Quality assurance

Passivhaus Certification is a quality assurance process for the design and construction of low energy buildings. It is independent and neutral with the Certifier representing the best interests of the building and building owners, now and in the future.

Catching mistakes

Quality assurance accepts that everyone makes mistakes and looks to catch these early through checking. Small changes and errors can have a big impact on the performance of the building in use.

Better buildings

Contributing to better buildings through construction advice, training, and sharing extensive experience between projects. Proven to work through feedback and monitoring.

Certified Passivhaus
buildings are:

Passivhaus Certified building Logo

As energy efficient as possible.
Able to achieve the performance claimed in the design modelling.

Built robustly to continue to perform for the entire design life.
Measured consistently so that they can be compared fairly with other buildings.

Our service

Certification assessment

We provide building assessment against the Passivhaus standard, advice and quality assurance for energy efficiency to get your building to the Passivhaus in the most cost effective way.

Your team gets detailed feedback on PHPP calculations and design. See an example report here.

Construction inspection

Targeted construction quality checks to address the building performance gap on site. Expert practical advice to key trades on insulation, airtightness and ventilation. Regular reporting and peace of mind for client teams.

Passivhaus Training

On the job bespoke Passivhaus training for contractors and design teams. Sharing extensive experience from other Passivhaus projects. Fully qualified Passivhaus trainers from AECB Carbonlite Passivhaus Designer course.

Who we work with

Housing Associations

Use Passivhaus to address fuel poverty and reduce portfolio operation costs. Energy efficiency provides a cost effective model over the long term, and is low maintenance. Lower fuel bills have also been shown to reduce rent arrears.


Command a premium sale price with the leading energy efficiency standard in the World. Go the extra mile in proving your projects are highly comfortable, sustainable, and have low running costs.

Local Authorities

Deliver aspirational buildings in your authority to set the standard for development. Address fuel poverty and meet carbon reduction targets through energy efficiency on site.


Design truly sustainable buildings with independent verification. Technical assistance and experience with detailing, calculations, products and specification to save time and improve your design.

Home owners

Get help to make your new home truly sustainable with an independent review of design and construction by a technical specialist. Benefit from extensive Passivhaus experience shared between projects. Ensure you get what you pay for from your builder.


Improve and renovate your building stock to last and prepare it for the next generation. Reduce the operating cost of your portfolio, meet carbon reduction targets and minimise the maintenance burden of doing so.

Passivhaus certification criteria

Download the latest Passivhaus building certification criteria from the Passivhaus Institute website.