Etude provide Passivhaus Certification from our office in Islington, London. We are also Sustainability Engineers and Passivhaus Designers, and can help you plan, design, analyse and evaluate low energy and low carbon buildings.

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This website is for our Passivhaus Certification services. To find out more about other Etude services see our main website.

Passivhaus Institute

We certify buildings to the Passivhaus building standard on behalf of the Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt. We are one of only four companies offering this service in the UK.

International collaboration

We are part of an international community of low energy building specialists. We share experience to improve construction quality and learn. Below are some of the Passivhaus Certifiers from around the World at the international certifiers meeting in Darmstadt 2016. Spot Will!


Will South

Will is our lead Passivhaus Certifier registered with the Passivhaus Institut. He has a background in Mechanical engineering and has considerable practical experience with all scales of low energy building construction. Will is responsible for signing off all Passivhaus Certification projects.

Naomi Grint

Naomi has an Architectural background, previously working for Architype and Parity Projects. She focuses on building physics and is currently completing a PhD on heat and moisture transfer through solid brick walls and the impacts of internal wall insulation.

Leon Tatlock

Leon is an energy specialist and Chartered Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in construction. He is an expert in dynamic simulation of buildings and helps on our larger projects where more detailed modelling is required, such as in assessing overheating risk.

Damla Kaleli

Damla took the Passivhaus Designer course as part of her studies in Architecture at Bath University. She is quickly becoming proficient in PHPP and carrying out construction quality checks on site.

Chris Worboys

Chris is a Passivhaus Designer and holds a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy. He has previously worked for the Bermudan Government, solar PV installers, and for one of the UK’s leading ground source heat pump manufacturers. He brings broad technical and policy knowledge to the team.

Thomas Lefevre

Thomas is a Sustainability Engineer with over 16 years’ experience in environmental engineering and sustainable design and construction. He is a Passivhaus Designer and involved mainly in our design projects. Thomas leads the Etude team.

Ed Cremin

Ed is an Environmental Scientist and previously worked at Atelier 10. He was involved in one of the first larger Passivhaus schemes in London and now focusses on training and PHPP checks for the Passivhaus team.

Dora Ma

Dora has a PHD in electronic engineering from UCL, she has recently joined the team and is quickly bringing a fresh and enthusiastic contribution to our work.


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